Tools for Computational Finance (Universitext)

Tools for Computational Finance
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Tools for Computational Finance

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Please note that this page is old. Check in the VVZ for a current information. Organizers Prof. Description Computational finance is an emerging discipline at the intersection of probability theory, numerical analysis and finance.

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Computational and numerical methods are used in a number of ways across the field of finance. It is the aim of this book to explain how such methods work in. The disciplines of financial engineering and numerical computation differ greatly, however computational methods are Universitext work in financial engineering; specifically the use of numerical methods as tools for computational finance.

We will study, implement and use methods and algorithms for the pricing of financial options. We will make the link between the pricing of options and Partial Differential Equations. Tools for Computational Finance Rudiger U. Seydel Computational and numerical methods are used in a number of ways across the field of finance.

It is the aim of this book to explain how such methods work in financial engineering. By concentrating on the field of option pricing, a core task of financial engineering and risk analysis, this book explores a wide range of computational tools in a coherent and focused manner and will be of use to anyone working in computational finance.

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Om boka Computational and numerical methods are used in a number of ways across the field of finance. Starting with an introductory chapter that presents the financial and stochastic background, the book goes on to detail computational methods using both stochastic and deterministic approaches.

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Now in its sixth edition, Tools for Computational Finance has been significantly revised and contains: Several new parts such as a section on extended applications of tree methods, including multidimensional trees, trinomial trees, and the handling of dividends; Additional material in the field of generating normal variates with acceptance-rejection methods, and on Monte Carlo methods; exercises, and more than figures, many in color.