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Lea Kirino happens to be one of the lifers: a human given the chance at birth to live forever—as long as she does everything right. But Suicide Club reminds us that this pursuit of eternal life, and the idea that human perfection can not only be achieved but sold as a product on the market, sucks the meaning out of life and makes some long for death.

Lea must face this fact head on when her carefully hidden past collides with her present in the form of her long-lost father.

The Suicide Club, Rotterdam

Is a beating heart all one needs to be alive? Underneath authoritative prose that builds an immense and fascinating world, Suicide Club contemplates these questions while emphasizing the relationships that make life worth living: the bonds between fathers and daughters, mothers and children, and female friends. Nice - with a "happy" ending. Heh heh, it did keep me guessing! Been awhile since I've been here. I missed it! Someone once said, "Suicide is the sincerest form of self criticism.

Best of: BATTLE ROYALE (Days 2-3)

This is in my top 5 for favorite episodes. The members in this club want to die, but cannot take their own lives.

So, the Director of the club gives each member a card from the deck. Anyone who gets the Ace of Spades, will be murdered. Anyone who gets the Ace of Clubs, will be the murderer. Each played their roles very mellow, even when the characters are dealing with death. When John Smith gives Victor Harris his mysterious card, he says, "Feel the excitement of not knowing.

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Live the supreme thrill of wondering. Speaking of suspense, E. Marshall grows the intensity in our story and our main characters. Victor Harris's hooked on gambling so he joins the club for the thrill. Iris Lorne is hooked on drugs and joined the club because she was sick of life. In ACT-3, she gets hooked on love, so Victor comforts her at the minute 7-second mark. A dose of Romance, I should say.

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The Suicide Club is a collection of three 19th century detective fiction short stories by Robert Louis Stevenson that combine to form a single narrative. The Suicide Club was a secret society in San Francisco credited as the first modern extreme urban exploration society, and also known for anarchic group.

I rate this 4 out of 5 stars for a couple of reasons. It needed bone chilling music like in Ep. George Lowthar did great on writing this adaptation, but just like Robert Louis Stevenson's story, both versions ended too fast with no suspense. A better ending would be if John Smith had to play as well, he'd get the Ace of Spades, Victor Harris gets the Ace of Clubs, Victor doesn't have the urge to kill, so Lucas steps in and does the deed.

A classic worth checking out. I loved this episode. It's well acted and very well written. More then that is the fact it's such an unusual story..

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club

I'd give this 4 stars easy I can't elaborate as to the specifics any better than Russell has already. This tale is an excellent representation of how the future is cautiously represented. There have been so many tales that have played on this theme.

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Twilight zone, Night Gallery, The outer limits, "Back to the future". Very good episode even if I can't understand the compulsions related in the story myself. In a sense it made me sad to think of the people in the world that are really like the people in this story, but hopefully they find someone or something to help them out of their low state. I did wonder how many of the deaths were actually NOT done by the members but by the assistant - after all, if they have problems killing themselves how could they kill another person?

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Short Stories. User Reviews. How to get to The Suicide Club by Bus? It was an interesting story with some enjoyable characters and mysterious foes. Wellness, after all, is seductive—a fact acknowledged even by those who critique its excesses.

You'd think they might get so upset after killing another person that they would follow through with themselves, but I'm not a psychologist nor do I play one on TV so I'm just guessing. One of the best of the series in my opinion. My father introduced me, and I've been listening ever since. One of my favorites. Saw a reenactment of this show done live in Chicago many years ago.

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Wbbm in Chicago put it on and it was great to see it done live with all the sound effects and great acting. It was after the original series ended, some time in the late eighties when they tried to revive the series. Darkly humorous in some way, to me.

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This one could have used Fred Gwynne as one of the bad guys. Awesome episode!