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Dread lasts a lot longer.

Gods, People and the Land of Aigina, 800-400 BCE

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Each of these subjects could stand on its own, but Cooper has a way of tying things together in a deeper — oftentimes disturbing — way. Parking in some parts of Spokane can be daunting on the best of days. Add snow and, well, it gets ugly. So much so that one fed-up Spokanite has started an Instagram account dedicated to "documenting the ridiculous parking in Spokane's South Perry District since Drilled is a true-crime podcast about what some consider the greatest villainy of all: the crucial role oil companies played in cultivating climate change denialism.

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Sally Jackson's made people laugh for decades, and she finally brought her act to the stage. Submit an Event. Sing praises to the God who made us all and has given us the light of truth. I make an end at this time. Oh, my Savior! Thank you so much for these beautiful words to me! May I always keep them in my heart and share the message with others. Then I sang a spontaneous, joyful song of praise to the Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier.

Oh, may I not forget. What a night this has been! Oh, how I crave to be alone in pure silence so that I may [more often] hear my Savior answer my prayers! I hope the Lord will grant me the strength to arise earlier so that I may study his word and pray more often. April 4, Truman Madsen took my Nibley quote book manuscript to Bookcraft two weeks ago. April 18, Bookcraft rejected my Nibley quote book, which means that Truman Madsen will publish it through the Religious Studies Center.

July 23, One hundred and fifty-three years ago Martin Harris took a copy of some Book of Mormon hieroglyphics to Drs. Samuel Mitchell and Charles Anthon in New York to determine whether the ancient writing was authentic. Today, as well as one afternoon last week, Reno, a Chiricahua Apache, and his friend came to me with a birthright medallion which had been passed on from one generation to another as far back as the Mayan Temples — or so Reno said.

Like Samuel C. This cent piece sized medallion was neither coin, amulet nor talisman but a well-worn object wrapped in a leather pouch and hung about the neck. In fact, it was too worn to be fraudulent, and the opposite side showed a table and a tree much like the facsimile in the Book of Abraham. But the writing was what was interesting to me, in addition to the 49 rungs of the ladder see next page and the 54 staves surrounding the main scene.

Of the tribe of Gad, Reno told me that Catholic priests refuse to interpret the message for him since they know it will prove that the Indian [Native American] nations originally came from the Near East. Furthermore, he said that Sasquatch Yeti, Big Foot are protectors of the tribe of Gad who speak many languages and are mentioned in Job chapter I sent a copy of the drawing to William F. Macomber at St. Reno was not a scholar and was certainly not dressed according to BYU standards, but his search and his message were important enough for me to ignore the pouch hung over a bare torso, covered partly by a leather jacket, and the smell of tobacco.

His quest was important enough for him, at least, that he recorded every minute detail in his diary which he showed me and was able to recount his oral genealogy several generations back. My name was spelled Gary Gillan!

Guide to the CONSOL Energy, Inc. Mine Maps and Records, 1857-2010 AIS.1991.16

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jenny Gill lives in beautiful Cape Town, with her husband, Pieces of a Puzzle (Southhill Sagas Book 1) by [Gill, Jenny]. Baby Boomer fiction - No 1 in the Southhill Sagas, set in leafy Surrey, to the south of London. Happily married Alison and Mark are chatting about their coming.

Do I take his search seriously and at face value? Or am I to be skeptical and cynical like Charles Anthon was? At this point I shall remain open-minded, perhaps naively so to many who may read these words. July 31, I had always wondered how Hugh Nibley would respond to my complete index and bibliography of his works. Well, all of this boosted my ego for the day. Next, it will be time to show him the Nibley quote book. As I was compiling the annual report for of the Library Forums Committee, my mind wandered back to the delightful time I had with Gerald Marks in January.

He was so effusive in his flattery of my driving, my talents and my sensitivity, but even though he said he would correspond with me and make me a member of ASCAP I have heard not a word from him. I supposed that many people in show biz act that way only to let you down. Nibley, on the other hand, though a celebrity, makes no promises through his words.

Rather, he is an alternate conscience, plus much, much more. I presented a complete report to the Professional Development Committee concerning my Hugh Nibley project. The members of the committee raved about it and encouraged me to continue, even though no publisher seemed in view. Enthusiasm was high as I got to know them and them me, two more influential friends in my life.

As an editor for the new Signature Press Lavina was almost sure they would publish the Nibley quote book, and she therewith took the manuscript with her to SLC. Thus, a new direction for my Ancient Studies librarianship! October 2, The other day I asked Nibley what he would think if someone like me were to put together excerpts of his lectures into a book for publication. I expect to hear from Scott Kenney of the board any day now. October 14, This week has come into being with a bang. Monday I hardly had a chance to sit down because of all the running around I had to do. I was amazed when they brought 90 books, newly cataloged and ready to shelve in the Ancient Studies Library.

He was willing, adding that much of it was junk. Happy and relieved that this worrisome task was at last accomplished, I contacted Le Grand, who will make the detailed arrangements for housing the Nibleyana. Tuesday I was asked by my boss [Tony Ferguson] to represent him in a luncheon given in honor of Mr. These shards, papyri, parchment and ostrakhans from Middle or Upper Egypt are very valuable for our Ancient Studies collection, and I am tickled to be a part of the process. Atiya was a gracious man and appreciated the opportunity to donate these items to BYU.

It was quite an experience to handle these ancient writings, all hand-written, before they were taken to the vault in Special Collections. November Monday at work I received the glad tidings from my editor Lavina Fielding Anderson that Hugh Nibley was encouraging, if not irreverent, about my Nibley quote book whose tentative title is Nibley: Of All Things.

I can hardly wait. December 9, The work is nothing but unrelenting these days. The bibliography will take some time, however. I did the best I could with him, and the result was that he found out how false his new religion really was. So now he is coming back into the church. After several days off to work on the introduction to the Nibley book, I relaxed on the last day of the year, catching up on things in the den, and helping David snap together his new Kenworth Aerodyne diesel truck.

January 24, Nibley once wrote that we are both Kingmen and Freemen. As an example, let me use my mother-in-law, Ruth Ruhland.

On the one hand, I would like to wring her neck or worse. On the other hand, I know it is important to love her, forgive her, and treat her charitably. Another: drunkards, murderers, terrorists, etc. The same thing. Also, I love to get nice and new things, but there are so many people who have less than I do. That holds true for the VW Vanagon we might buy. February 20, Last week had to be one of the most hectic of my life. Naturally the most satisfying of all of this work was the Nibley book.

A neat activity! March 12, There are some days when I feel grossly unconverted, disconverted or underconverted. Those days make me feel as if I were two distinct persons in a Steppenwolfian manner after Hesse. Such a time was Monday night. The day before, I had just finished the index to my Nibley book, thereby finishing all responsibilities I had for Of All Things! It was as if I had just given birth to a baby, and now it was all over. A letdown. A frustration post-partum depression? A part of my hectic life no longer there. The least little problem set me off and flying off the handle.

Adina, unfortunately, was the scapegoat, and I regret so much having behaved so much like a beast or wild animal. But it was in me, and had to come out, for some reason. I have never yelled at someone so loud as to become nearly laryngitic, nor slammed a door so hard that everything on my bulletin board became detached and flew to the floor. I gave my leave, slammed the door to the carport, jumped in Caroban, and, at first, drove aimlessly, not knowing where I was to go. I ordered peanut butter, and sinfully and alone enjoyed the sweet flavor.

The time I spent there was fruitful, and I tried to be loving to everyone in the family, even, or especially, the unmarried mother Linda and cute Jeremy. Homecoming was sweet — such a loving, forgetting and forgiving family I have! Yet I still feel like lecturing them on their childish behavior — and did so, including my own dastardly crimes of childishness. An explosive evening ended oh so peacefully. March 28, Of All Things! They did a very nice job of publishing it. May 20, The reviewer, Mike Olsen, said that I performed a great service for Mormondom in compiling it. Also, he called Nibley the Henry David Thoreau of the church.

June 20, Larry Shumway and Dr. Tom Mackay have both been good friends to me in the last couple of weeks. I told Larry my goal was to be able to be on my own at home and write. My ego went up a few notches when he told me I was needed by too many people at BYU to hide at home. Well, I seem to be gaining more and more respect all the time. Part of it might be because of my Book of Mormon bibliography I am compiling for the Book of Mormon encyclopedia project — cards already.

The other is undoubtedly the Nibley book. He cracked me up. October 3, Friday I sat next to Hugh Nibley as we listened to Dr. For once Nibley called me by my first name. December 12, It will be funny! Christmas Day, My mother and father, Mike and Mark, grandparents. My spiritual contact with friends and relatives. Dean Larsen seemed to like it least, and Robert Espinoza, who is Catholic, the most — for he thanked me the most prolifically. Feburary 28, April 3, About 10 days ago Mimi Fox passed away.

She was not only Jewish but an avowed atheist. I gave her some biographical and bibliographical material on Nibley before she left at 5 to be on the 6 p. The next day she interviewed me on the telephone, wanting my feelings about this great man. October 7, Margaret Smoot interviewed Hugh Nibley and remarked on some of the things I had told her on the telephone. The program was actually a little disappointing.

I would have expected more for a great man. December 1, Today was one of my favorite days of the semester, despite the fact that the weather outside was so dismal and rainy. The article appeared this week in the paper but included nothing on my plea for Nibliophiles to come forth with any Nibleiana they might possess. I was misquoted and the plea for materials from others was replaced by the ad for waterbeds.

How disgustipating!!

Christian Books & Bibles

It was a good article about me. September 23, The collected works will be published by Deseret Book as soon as we finish arranging, editing, correcting, etc. I hope Tony will allow me the time to finish up the Nibley materials. October 28, Everything is going ahead full speed on the Nibley collected works. I feel privileged to be involved in the project.

Almost overwhelming! November 4, Hence, they gave Jack and me the green light to work on a project which will probably be the most scholarly large project Deseret Book has ever undertaken. November 25, I have felt trapped or cornered this week, as it looks more and more like the Nibley project is an intrusion into an already full life of family and professional responsibilities.

I hope the trip to San Francisco this week will be an outlet to help me get my head on straight so that I can think of alternatives. Wednesday at 11 I gave my religion final, and some students wrote some nice comments concerning my teaching. January 20, February 3, I felt honored to be asked to serve! February 15, Maxwell, who will be the main speaker. It indeed helped his perspective towards life. His wife had had a similar experience. I related my own experience to him. He also told me he had written several poems before his mission and would like to see them in his collected works.

What a wonderful day! March 29, And speaking of Nibley, the university celebrated his 75th birthday on Wednesday the 27th. Having been on the committee to celebrate, I put up a Nibley display in the library, compiled the invitation lists for the birthday party, and greeted everyone at the door to the party, including Apostles Oaks and Maxwell and President Holland. And of course the Nibleys and their family. I both laughed and cried. May 2, May 5, What a week this has been! July 7, Most of the day I had spent at home working on Nibley, on my Book of Mormon symposium paper, and reading the textbook for the General Education seminar I had attended all morning.

July 10, How I yearn still to be a full-time teacher! Two experiences in the past couple of weeks have reaffirmed this feeling. One was teaching the Elders Quorum lesson on the spur of the moment. I can do it! The other is teaching the R Near Eastern Bibliography class and being asked to serve as part of the Near Eastern Studies faculty — even to serving on graduate committees.

They are a great bunch, with little knowledge in some cases, but with a considerable amount of zeal and enthusiasm. And the topics they have chosen for their papers are great. I also gave some to Hugh Nibley, who the next day came down to Payson and picked some himself. August 11, Now for the footnotes. August 23, I stayed home from work all last week. I spent a lot of time on my days off doing Nibley and playing with Tim.

December 29, The editors really enjoyed the book and were awestruck by it but felt it was above the reading level of most people and therefore would not sell. I was so impressed by Superman that I watched the movie again this afternoon with the children instead of working on Nibley. January 2, I finished the Nibley Old Testament volume index three hours ago and mailed it at the post office. How wonderful to know that the first volume of these projected 14 volumes will be published in a few short weeks!

January 11, While we sat down in the kitchen eating our homemade enchilada casserole, somehow the subject of devil worship and the telestial, terrestrial and celestial kingdoms came up. Bonnie was very receptive, and the rest of the kids, sans Timmy, were all ears. Our own pain and suffering cannot save anyone, but we are nevertheless using the example of Christ to at least feel as He feels, and therefore becoming ourselves more Christ-like in our sensitivity, tolerance, and caring towards others.

Oh, what a comfort that gives me! And not only Christ, but Joseph Smith went through much more than I ever shall. Are my theories correct? They feel good. January 13, Too much of the time I spent peering out of the window at the awful fog and snow grains coming down out of the sky. Out of the entire United States, only the Wasatch Front is having this infernal fog! January 21, But lo and behold, I had forgotten the application disk for the computer.

So I basically relaxed all day until Payson Civic Chorale in the evening. Meanwhile, Betsy and I talked about contingency plans if she should die. Friday was really a good day for Betsy, lousy for me. I could hardly believe for part of today that Betsy was really ill. I got three hours of Nibley done today, really proud of myself. March 7, Friday morning I was able to get a lot of Nibley typed on the computer while Mom and Dad worked outside listening to my Mantovani tape through my office door.

Saturday was an unbelievably productive day for me. I not only finished 5 hours worth of Nibley, I did a few things around the house and helped Betsy. She is really doing quite well and did a lot herself. Could these be the last few days of relatively good health before the end? March 18, She felt that there was some significance behind that and wondered if she would pass away on an equally remarkable day. In Jewish gematria and even in the secular study of numerology, the number 9 is a very significant number, representing spiritual matters. Conference was inspiring, and I was surprised when Pres.

Hinckley read the flyleaf of the new Nibley volume [ The Old Testament and Related Studies ], quoting how much of a scriptorian Nibley is, plus his knowledge of Shakespeare.

Fisherman's Dream

April 26, Today was considerably better than yesterday. I even felt like I could get some decent work done, without feeling that I had come to just waste time in self-pity. In fact, Hugh Nibley even spent about 20 minutes in my office trying to verify a bibliographic citation — unsuccessfully.

Saturday was hectic beyond belief! It was one of those days when I more than empathized with my housewife sisters in the gospel — fully understanding what they are going through.

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By the time I got six loads of wash done and vacuumed every room downstairs, besides catching up on the mail and running interference for the children, I found that I still had not done the kitchen floor. Add to that road show practice at noon, and I had a frustrating day — a day when I would like to have gotten something done on Nibley. Yet the road show practice was just what I needed to relax.

May 1, Have you ever felt so much anticipation and eagerness for something that it was difficult to do what you were supposed to? I fought this tendency all day long, and did a much better job at coping with the problem than I have before, working both on Nibley and the World Classics Collection. May 11, I did briefly say something to a girl named Katie Wright, but now I am too shy to even call her.

I feel so low that I think only the Lord could cheer me up! Actually, I got up enough courage after I wrote the above words to call Katie after all. We talked for nearly 45 minutes, during which time I discovered she was in interior design and has a 12 year old girl with Downs syndrome.

She is the only girl I have met who is a Nibley fan, and she will be coming up to my office on Tuesday to borrow my Nibley videotape. I went to bed feeling a lot better. May 14, Today was a really hectic day because of all the work I had to do — interviews for the Jerusalem Center, the Medieval Studies assessment, and Nibley work. May 15, I cleaned up several things in the house first thing in the morning before doing 3 hours of Nibley in the book and on the computer.

While working I listened to some tapes that had been recorded by the family during past Christmases and Easters. The tapes where she talked with Annalyn and Timmy were especially precious! Her own dear children! I had some deep feelings surface while listening to that peace, not just because it is a mass for the dead, but because I heard it live with Mom and Dad in Garmisch, Germany in It caused me to think back 20 years to reflect upon all the things life has brought me.

I wonder what is ahead of me. I often wish I could see into the future. May 21, At home I managed to get one hour of Nibley done on the computer before I went to the City Council meeting to help represent the library in its needs. Then I went to ward choir practice in the stake center, where we were getting ready for stake conference.

Again, it was good to be able to sing. September 14, Roger Keller, formerly a Presbyterian minister in Mesa, Arizona, came to the office to thank me for being such a great influence in his conversion to the Church. March 20, I was brimming over with excitement and enthusiasm in teaching the class.

Several of the students milled around talking to me for another 30 minutes about sources, Nibley, and Book of Mormon research. Very seldom have I felt more fulfilled about teaching a class of any kind. Most of the students were very appreciative of the things I was teaching them. Apparently I am one of his favorite people and one whose autobiography he would love to read. I consider him one of my closest friends as far as understanding goes. I only wish he lived considerably closer than he does. He also added that I had served the Church very well with my work on Nibley.

April 1, Worked on Abraham in Egypt and my personal bibliography. I fielded a reference question today concerning a quote about Darius and Alexander the Great. Church offices called concerning this Nibley quote for Pres. I will listen for it in conference tomorrow night. April 12, My Nibleyphile colleague Chaplain Foley called from Ft. Everyone would like to know what Nibley says about the temple, but the material is too sacred to let the public see.

April 15, April 20, The Utah Valley Symphony Orchestra dinner was at 7 p. All of the musicians, along with their spouses, were invited and in attendance. The theme was a Hawaiian Luau, and the food was not only catered, it was home-cooked and very good. The performing group was good and funny and managed to get us all doing the hula in one number. Hugh Nibley was there at the dinner with his wife Phyllis. April 29, Do the apocrypha index for Since Cumorah. Brent McNeeley came to see me about Abraham in Egypt. Reformation and Judaism bibliographies. All of the above-mentioned books are by Hugh Nibley.

I am so tired of Abraham in Egypt dragging on so long that I determined to get it behind me today. June 8, When I called Nibley to try to reschedule a session to talk to him about Abraham in Egypt , he grumbled about salvaging some messed-up footnotes for his book on facsimile no.

Here he is retired for 12 years now and works as hard as any employee of the university I know! He sounds and looks so tired. Occasionally I get the funny feeling that I will never get to check the footnotes with him. Today was a remarkable day. The message is that we were created scientifically by Elohim on another world far distant and are being tested and tried to see whether we can keep certain laws in order to have eternal life.

Many of the doctrines ring true to Mormonism, which is mentioned in the book as being close to the truth. Parts of it were so exciting and full of deja vu that my body tingled in recognition of truth. June 27, I ran into Hugh Nibley in the hallway. The conversation immediately turned to the weather and the excessive for Utah humidity.

After telling me that the over active sunspot activity on the sun was causing an eleven-year drought cycle, he reminded me that these were the last days and that we should start behaving ourselves. August 8, Talked to Nibley about some of his footnotes in Abraham in Egypt. August 17, Signe is one of the six Y-o-lins, performing on the same stage with former Engemann Trio, Lettermen, and Glen Miller band members. I am so proud of her, not only to see her perform on the violin, but to see her dancing and singing during the production numbers.

We talked about Nibley and other things before the performance began. And what a performance! The audience gave them a standing ovation at the end. Well-deserved for these grandmothers and grandfathers. Today was a wonderful day! I spent more time with Hugh Nibley locating stray footnotes. It is always enlightening being with this great man, who was quoted at length by President Holland on Monday and who helped me find the Jewish source for the legend that Eliezer was Black. I finished editing on disk the first two chapters of Abraham in Egypt.

Lucy and Kathryn were up in my office today finishing some BYU business before school starts next week, and I helped them find some books for their classes. I also learned how to use the Scripture index and spent an hour looking for a Nibley footnote in a Fraktur German book, Lebens Abrahams. Today was the last time I had to bother Nibley with stray footnotes. August 30, Talked to Nibley about the Bremner-Rhind papyrus. I had wondered whose class I would sit in on this semester to refresh my intellectual curiosity and help with my professional development in religion.

It so happened that I ran into Wilfred Griggs this morning and discovered that he was teaching a class in early Christian history. I asked his permission to audit, and he consented willingly. We will be reading Eusebius, Nibley and W. September 1, September 2, I worked with Nibley on footnotes again today, mostly with the Bremner-Rhind Papyrus. He was so excited to read the Egyptian hieroglyphics that he went far beyond simply translating the relevant spots. And here I was trying to get done! Nevertheless, I enjoyed the hour with him.

Signature Books is getting rid of the remainder of their copies of my Nibley quote book, Of All Things , without notifying me.

See a Problem?

ELIOT [ - ] The full-skirted gowns the girls wore that night were not well suited to it, but there Nay and I had an advantage. Worked on Abraham in Egypt and my personal bibliography. We could have moved on. The Grand Parade brings the community together as it runs along Pony Express Parkway, featuring floats, bands, horses and candy tossing. The sign also suggests there were more parties working in Oriosa, and they may have been tracking us until they found the strength or place to ambush us. Buckminster Fuller, teaches it.

Jack Welch agreed with me later. September 9, One was following his baptism of Kresimir Cosic before his temple endowments. But when he walked in with Brother Nibley, the Relief Society sisters were astounded, now knowing why they made the oversize suit the night before, which fit Kresimir to a tee.

The other story is how a Hopi matriarch took Nibley surreptitiously to an underground Kiva and not only showed his frescoes on the wall unknown to almost all white men, but the Hopi stone as well, which is similar to the Egyptian emerald stone. September 16, The dream I had about Nibley and Picasso was one of the longest I can remember having.

Actually, Nibley and Picasso were the same person and changed often. It was a dream worthy of a novel. Memo to Pres. He liked the idea and said he would bring it up in Administrative Council. September 30, Except for the one appointment at 3 p. Look at it now — mostly people coming to see me concerning the Nibley project — all out-of-towners here for conference.

Chaplain Jim Foley and his wife are here from Ft. Lewis, Washington. We have corresponded with each other for several years, and now it was wonderful to talk to him about Nibley and the temple. Steve Kissling asked about Nibley, too, but mostly he was here to sing my praises for all the good work I had done on the Nibley volumes and quote book.

It will first have to go through proper channels. When I went down to get some copies picked up this morning, I retrieved an aged copy of The Autobiography of Joseph Justus Scaliger that had been waiting for me for some time. An indexer, linguist and copyist born in France and living in Leiden, Holland until his death in , he was an autodidact [self-taught person] of the highest order and one of my favorite people. Nibley feels that he is one of the best scholars the world has ever seen, except perhaps Aristotle and Plato. In defense of the drudgery of my indexing, I discovered this quote from Prof.

October 24, Finished Nibley Interlibrary Loan list and printed them for Ricks and me. October 25, Home teaching is a test of discipleship and faith and is priesthood compassionate service and caring. December 15, December 23, March 9, Looked for suitable paper for the Nibley festschrift. March 11, March 27, April 10, Called Stephen Ricks about Nibley negatives. They had been thrown out. July 1, Knowing about the experiences Hugh Nibley once had with the Hopi and Navajo, I asked him how he learned. A discussion about animal totems and astronomy then ensued.

Suddenly I knew how Abraham learned about the heavens, for this supposedly unlearned man knew some things about the universe that I had never learned in books. He also talked about the native peoples of South America and their connection to his own people — as well as the Mongolian Athabascan language group which was similar to his own tongue. July 14, Talked to Don Norton about Nibley folklore. Everyone is excited to see this wonderful volume — which will be read by many.

But after Signe and I went to the pizza party to celebrate its arrival and to pick up my complimentary copy, I became upset when I noticed that the volume lacked a scripture index! I never heard anything more, assuming that someone at Deseret Book was doing it. I therefore determined that at work next week I will do a scripture index and have it ready for those going to the Nibley autograph party next Wednesday. December 11, Murray Moore and his wife from Texas came in to talk to me about Nibley and Zion. December 21, Would greatly appreciate a call.

Sincerely, Boyd. January 3, Boyd Petersen came to the office to talk to me about his father-in-law and whether I had any Nibleiana I could let him use. He is returning to my office tomorrow to look through my files. He informed me that Dr. Eugene Campbell quit his post at Signature Books when Signature published my quote book. Presumably it was because he felt Nibley was not a scholar. January 9, Boyd talked to me some more about Nibley and gave me copies of his letters to Klaus Baer at Chicago.

January 10, Both felt it was true. I called the LDS history library to discover whether they had discovered anything authoritative about it. The rest is enclosed here on this page — or may end up in my file in the office. February 4, I sat a mere six feet from the soloists. Again, they all amazed me. Signe was also very impressed. February 13, I was proud to be part of the 80 th birthday dinner of Hugh Nibley a few days ago. Mom and I and about 50 other people who contributed to a volume honoring Nibley were there in the Wilkinson Center.

Apostle Neal A.

Pony express foods coupon

Maxwell was there, too. There were people from California and New York, as well as Utah and other places. It will be out in June. This was a significant day to get this volume since Nibley had a lot to do with some of the changes in the temple endowment. December 13, Last night Signe and I were treated to an engagement dinner at Sizzlers by Adina. Also present were Matt and his parents. Matt is having a difficult time getting ready for his mission. Tomorrow his Dad is leaving for Saudi Arabia with the reserves, and the doctor he was supposed to get his missionary exam from is going there too, so he has to change all of that.

On top of that, he has to get some dental work done. Matt and Adina are clearly very much in love, and we are happy for them. April 8, What a privilege it was, and the tribute I made was almost entirely inspired. I needed help on it so desperately that I had to go the Lord for help. Many told me that it was the most eloquent thing I have ever said. Nibley was even pleased by what I said about him. Do you know any Nibley fans there in Durham? September 19, Photocopied Nibley letters. Do you want a copy of my Nibley quote book? I remember you saying that you ran into someone back there on your mission who was interested in Hugh Nibley.

I can send you several copies, if you want, because when the reprinting comes out I will have plenty more. February 9, I wish I had had advice like that when I was your age. I was reading some Nibley the other day where he said that there are two things that LDS kids are no longer being taught in the church. That scares the living daylights out of me since I have done some embarrassing and regretful things in my life. Also, remember that of the covenants you have made in your life you have made to men: they were all covenants made with you Father in Heaven!

March 4, Don Parry told me today that Deseret Book will be publishing my Nibley quote book. Look in the topical guide to your triple under Angels. Do you see the many references to ministering angels? I trust Hugh Nibley; and not only that, I know they exist from my own experiences. Get your own testimony. On everything! Karl, this is Mom. This week I will finish proofreading my expanded Nibley quote book. Everyone is raving about it more now than with the first edition in The manuscript will go to Deseret Book, where they plan on a wide distribution so as to catch all of the readers who want to read Nibley at his best.

I am more thrilled with it this time than I was the first time. November 16, Our eternal life depends on how well we do. It has been an exciting week. My Nibley quote book came out, and the BYU bookstore has placed it in three different locations. They have really done a nice job on the book. March 10, January 12, I was surprised, too, and called Howard Bybee in gifts and Carol Knight in cataloging she was the one who had helped re-classify the Mercer collection.

I hope that by the end of the week I have some answers. February 6, Cornelia Madsen was having Hugh Nibley autograph my quote book afterwards when I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him how much Cornelia was paying him! What a funny but humble man! A student earlier this week also had an intriguing question. Afterwards, Clyn Barrus thanked me for giving him a copy of my Nibley quote book — in appreciation for his example and wonderful music.

Jack Welch last week brought me the page proofs of B. There will be a total of about pages altogether. I feel honored to be a part of this project, a book which the General Authorities squelched in the s because he talked about pre-Adamites. Nibley has been teaching that for 20 years. November 11, Judith [our daughter] interviewed Hugh Nibley today in my office concerning Jerusalem, Salem and Abraham. September 11, June 1, October 5, General Conference today. Some excellent talks, while I cleaned out files in my office at home.

We were fed richly. Karl and Christopher joined us in our pew. On Saturday Nibley administered to her husband, saying, among other things, that God has a work for him to do on the other side. But he also has work for him here. So we will leave things in the hands of the Lord. November 1, John and Jerry and I talked about many other Nibley matters as well: the conversation lasted a full hour.

My estimation of Nibley has increased a couple of notches. This will be fun, although it is probably destined to last until the year or beyond. When I saw Nibley later in the day I was more in awe than usual in the presence of this great but humble man, even as he derided the American economy and the sordid political scene that is unfolding with the coming elections.

November 7, I got really excited about doing the Nibley stuff tonight. I actually have quite a few things that his son-in-law Boyd Petersen does not have. November 8, At I could have spent two more hours at the office, so exuberant I felt about doing the Nibley. This is a little different attitude for me, really wanting to leave the office as soon as possible.

December 14, Boyd will be doing an increasing share of the work, leaving me without yet another project. June 26, Jacques Cousteau died yesterday. He is the first of four year old famous people I know of who have died. I found a little gem in a letter written in from Hurricane. In it he describes his learning of Russian in Heidelberg by paying the rent for a Ukrainian soldier in return for Russian-Only-Spoken-here!

Here are his words:. Everything goes along just too lovely for words for a few days, and then one morning you wake up to discover that it all seems weirdly unfamiliar, and you have to start all over again. Unless somebody keeps dinning the stuff in your ears without mercy until it is fixed there for good and all, you can never tell when your mind will spring a leak and the whole thing run off.

That may be symbolic. The whole thing is spiritually another world. Here is an unexpectedly funny niblet — a wonderful sentence — from Nibley in , addressed to his lawyer friend Paul Springer:. Incidentally, Nibley has been ill these past few weeks, getting dizzy every time he stands up or tries to walk. A student had found that he had fallen on the sidewalk between BYU and his home. It is reported that he has had several blessings which tell him he will live into his 90s.

But then, only the Lord really knows for sure. Ralph Laycock substituted for Clyn Barrus, who, surprisingly, was in the audience.