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As the resident hot-head, Mercury can melt down and liquefy, whereas Iron is the strong, steadfast type. And Tin just sort of holds things and spins around a lot. They've only had a minimal impact during the "New 52" reboot, but these loveable metal heroes are sure to return soon.

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Interestingly, each Steel hails from the same family. Both wield superhuman strength and wear metallic bodysuits, allowing them to withstand devastating blows from a powerful opponent without leaving a scratch. However, this power does have its challenges -- being able to put things down properly, for instance, and leaving cracks in pavements because the suit's so heavy a small price to pay! So, the more naked he gets, the more powerful he becomes? Ohhh, no. Like Jocasta, Vision was originally created by Ultron, but unlike her, he was designed as a straight-up death machine with enough firepower to take on the Avengers single-handed.

So, what can he do? As a walking, talking supercomputer, Vision is gifted with superior intelligence and the ability to take control of any technology he chooses, including the world's nuclear weapons systems. He can also alter his density and mass, going from a floaty ghost to impenetrable fortress-man in seconds. He is, without question, one of the most powerful Avengers of all time, and definitely metal AF. Of course he's going to be on this list! Oh, and did we mention he can produce cosmic bolts powerful enough to destroy a planet? Bulging muscles and blazing guns? Elaborate back story involving time travel and alternative timelines?

Creepy red laser eye? You decide! Aric of Dacia is a 5th-century barbarian Visigoth who managed to turn the tables on his alien abductors by taking control of one of their greatest weapons, the X-O Manowar armor. He was already a ferocious warrior, so all this extra metal borders on overkill. His cybernetic enhancements give him superhuman strength, endurance and durability, enable flight and enhance his vision and hearing.

49. "Captain America: The First Avenger" (2011)

Listed in Miscellaneous Collectibles. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. The Pulp Fiction auteur has trademark dialogue that would pop off the screen, but the real question is would he change to make a superhero movie or would the idea of a superhero movie change to fit him? From all reports, the script featured Superman fighting off a Kryptonian uncle and his kids along with Lex Luthor as an alien-obsessed government agent. He also left behind a fanatical cult following

Whoa, what a curve ball! He does, however, have the capacity to manipulate it on a superhuman scale using magnetic fields, meaning he could probably take everyone on this list and win without even breaking a sweat. Magneto wins, hands down! Are there any other metal heroes you think should have made our list? Let us know in the comments! We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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Listed in El Chamuco. Listed in Ape. Listed in Frenzy Magazine. Listed in Help! Listed in Trump. In many ways, "Vol. But where this sequel succeeds is in its emotional plot that feels far more personal than the first film. The Guardians are a family more than a team, and the film pushes that idea by putting Star-Lord's father Ego, played by Kurt Russell between him and the rest of the Guardians. If you looked up "cult-classic" in the dictionary, you may find a picture from "The Crow.

Lee died while filming was underway in a freak accident when he was accidentally shot on set. The original "X-Men" may feel outdated at this point with all that black leather , but it was a game changer when it was first released.

Nolan ended his "Dark Knight Trilogy" on a bittersweet note. The film has plenty of faults, most notably its glaring plot holes how exactly does Bruce Wayne get back to Gotham? But the film is helped by an epic scope that feels like the end of something, a feeling that is rare in this age of superhero cinematic universes. Superhero movies have a way of taking obscure characters from comic books and turning them into hits, or at least creating new and loyal fans.

Del Toro's vision complemented the world of "Hellboy," with all of its monster and paranormal features, that will be hard to top with Neil Marshall's reboot next year. And Ron Perlman is beyond perfect. They most certainly have a case, as "Phantasm" gives live-action Batman movies a run for their money in its drama and action. Ryan Reynolds was put on this Earth to play Deadpool, the foul-mouthed mutant mercenary. Before "Logan," "Deadpool" proved that a superhero movie could succeed with a hard R rating.

And before "Black Panther," it proved that a movie could succeed in February, a month that was once looked at as a dumping ground for the worst movies. If you didn't notice, the first two "Thor" movies didn't make this list, because they're just not good. But "Ragnarok" is a visual treat and finally takes advantage of Chris Hemsworth's humor. In fact, it's the funniest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The period setting of the s makes this film stand apart from the rest in the X-Men franchise, and it's hard to go wrong when you have both Michael Fassbender and Kevin Bacon playing villains. Speaking of "Kick-Ass" What's not to love? Colorful costumes and obvious super powers aren't always requirements for superhero movies.

Night Shyamalan's "Unbreakable" feels more like a tribute to superheroes than a superhero movie in the traditional sense. But it plays on all of the obvious tropes of the genre in a unique way. It had to balance a lot of characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe while pitting them against one another, and all the while it still had to feel more like a "Captain America" movie than an "Avengers" movie.

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That's not to mention that it is loosely based on the Marvel comics event. Needless to say, it had a lot to live up to, but the Russo brothers pulled it off.

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It debuted to critical acclaim last year, and beat out Disney's "Incredibles 2" for best animated feature at the Oscars. And Robert Downey, Jr. No "Fantastic Four" movies made the list, but "The Incredibles" is the next best thing. Pixar's take on superheroes is a family-friendly adventure about a family of superheroes, but also a tense action movie in some aspects, and remains a joy to watch. It also introduces a lot of familiar plot points that we've seen in other superhero movies since such as the government taking action against superheroes, like in "Captain America: Civil War".

The Guardians of the Galaxy are absurd.

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One is a talking, genetically-modified raccoon. One is a walking, mutated tree. This movie featuring so many obscure characters shouldn't have worked. Yet, thanks to James Gunn, it works almost too well. That's why audiences have learned to trust Marvel Studios. After Joel Schumacher tarnished the Batman franchise with "Batman and Robin," it took nearly a decade for the character to bounce back. Nolan had delivered "Memento" and "Insomnia" prior to his Batman reboot.

He seemed like the perfect choice to lead the character into a new generation, and he proved that he was.

Nolan's film dropped the gothic nature of Tim Burton and the over-the-top camp of Schumacher for a grounded take on Batman that would be the blueprint for other superhero movies trying to ride off of its success. But more than that, it dives deep into Wolverine's history in compelling ways and is able to balance a large cast of characters, all with their own problems and motivations, that set a precedent for the Avengers movies of today.

The original "Spider-Man" is extremely campy, but that's what makes it great. It's pure Sam Raimi, and at the time, it was a major blockbuster.

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Without it, the genre may look very different now.