Book 2 - Adventures Around the World (My First Tennis Lessons - The Extraordinary Voyages Series)

My First Tennis Lessons - The Extraordinary Voyages Series (9 Book Series) Jean-Philippe Fleurian
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Monster Followed Me to School, A. Mayer — Golden. Monster from the Sea, the. More Tales of Oliver Pig. Mount Rushmore. Mrs Huggins and Her Hen Hannah. Nate the Great… series. Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman. Nathan and Nicholas Alexander. Next time I Will, the. No Fighting, No Biting! No Tooth, No Quarter! The Noodle Game. Norman Plays Ice Hockey. Old Woman and Her Pig, The. One Hundred Hungry Ants. Pomerantz, Charlotte. Peanut Butter Gang, The. Siracusa, Catherine. Pied Piper of Hamelin, the.

Pocket for Corduroy. The Popcorn Book. Rise and Shine, Mariko-chan. Rollo and Tweedy and the Ghost at Dougal…. Runaway Teddy Bear, The. Sam Who Never Forgets. Secret of Foghorn Island. Sheila Rae, the Brave. Shortest Kid in the World. The Sidewalk Patrol. Smallest Cow in the World, the. Paterson, Katherine. Snow White and REd Rose. Soap Soup and other Verses.

Stan the Hot Dog Man. Susan B. Teddy Bear Cures a Cold. Theodore Roosevelt. Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe. Three Ducks Went Wandering. Treasure of the Lost Lagoon, the. We Scream for Ice Cream. Chardiet, B. When Will We be Sisters? Where are the Bears? Who Put the Pepper in the Pot. Wings, A Tale of Two. Schaefer, Lola. Adventures of Granny Gatman, the. Adventures of the Buried Treasure, the.

Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse. Amanda Pig and Her big Brother Oliver. Amelia Bedelia other books in series. Amelia Bedelia Surprise. Annie and the Old One.

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Annie Bananie Mover to Barry Avenue. Arthur Meets the President. George, Jean Craighead. Bad Luck Penny, the. Best Loved doll, the. Best Older Sister, the. Best Worst Day, the. Big Box of Memories.

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Big Orange Spot, the. Billy the Ghost and Me. Birthday Basket for Tia. Boy in the Crawer, The. Boy Who Turned into a TV set, the. Bravest Dog Ever, The. Standiford, Natalie. Bravo Amelia Bedelia. Cafeteria Lady from the Black Lagoon. Cam Jansen: …series. Candy Corn Contest, the. Case of the Cool Itch Kid. Cinderella Penguin or the little glass slipper. Clue at the Zoo, the. Come Back, Amelia Bedelia. Conversation Club, the. Curse of the Cobweb Queen, the.

Deputy Dan and the Bank Robbers. Deputy Dan Gets his Man. Dog that Pitched a No-Hitter. Dog that Stole Home, the. Dragons of Blueland, the. Experiments with Light. Finding Providence: the Story of Roger Williams. Firefly Named Torchy, A. Flight of the Union. Flower Girls: series. Flower of Sheba, the. Garbage Juice For Breakfast. Genghis Khan, A Star is Born. George and Martha series. George Washington. Ginger Brown: the Nobody Boy. Ginger Brown: Too Many Houses. Gingerbread Boy, the. Good Driving Amelia Bedilia. Good Work, Amelia Bedilia. Gorillas: Gentle Giants of the Forest.

Grasshopper on the Road. Greatest of All, the : A Japanese Folktale. Gregory, the Terrible Eater. Happy Birthday Martin Luther King. Happy Birthday Moon. Harry and Willy and the Carrotthead. Harry Goes to Day Camp. Headless Horseman, the. Helpful Change, the. Horray for the Dandelion Warriors. Horrible Harry and the… series. Horrible Harry in Room 2B. How Much is that Guinea Pig in the Window? Hungry Hungry Sharks. I Hate my Best Friend. Jane Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees. Josephina Story Quilt, The.

Katy and the Big Snow. Burton, Virginia Lee. Kente Dress for Kenya, A. Kerri Strug: Heart of Gold. Little Sea Pony, the. Little Vampire and the Midnight Bear. Long Way to a New Land. Make Way for Ducklings. Mare for Young Wolf. Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King Day. Mary Maroney Hides Out. Mary Marony, Mummy Girl. Meet the Linclon Lions Band. Ming Lo Moves the Mountain. Miss Nelson Has a Field day. Miss Nelson is Back. Miss Nelson is Missing.

Missing Fossil Mystery, the. Monsters Next Door, the. More Tales of Amanda Pig. Most Wonderful Egg in the World. Mystery of the Blue Ring. Mystery of the Pirate Ghost. Mystery of the Tooth Gremlin. New Shoes for Sylvia. Nine Lives of Adventure Cat, the. No Copycats Allowed! No Jumping on the Bed. Old Enough for Magic. Owl and the Pussycat. Pee Wee Scouts…series. Pet Sitters Plus Five. Springstubb, Tricia. Peter and the North Wind. Picking Apples and Pumpkins. Pinky and Rex…series.

Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia. Pocket Full of Acorns. Post Office Book, The. Powder Puff Puzzle, The. Puppy Who Wanted a Boy, The. Rescue Helicopters. Riddle of the Red Purse, The. Sadie and the Snowman. Science Experiments. Science- Just add Salt. Secrets of Foghorn Island, The. Sets: Sorting into Groups. Show Me a Snake Hole. Six Foolish Fisherman. Song Lee and the Hamster Hunt. Song Lee and the Leech Man.

Song Lee in Room 2B. Sound, Heat and Light. Space Dog… series. Squanto and the First Thanksgiving. Statue of Liberty, The. Tale of Peter Rabbit. Tales of Amanda Pig. Tales of the Golden Goose. Teach us, Amelia Bedelia. Tell Me a Story, Mama. Thank You Amelia Bedelia. Things that Go: A Traveling Alphabet.

Three Blind Mice Mystery, The. Maclachlan, Patricia. Triplet Trouble and the…. Two Plus One Goes A. Upside Down Reader, The. Very Strange Dollhouse, A. Wales, the Gentle Giants. Watch Out Man Eating Snake. Weather Poems for all Seasons. Whales, the Gentle Giants. What Happens to Rock? What Kind of Babysitter is This? What Mary Jo Shared. What Next Baby Bear. When the Giants Came to Town.

Wolf and the Seven Little Kids. Young Clara Barton:. Young Davy Crockett. Young Jackie Robinson:. Young Orville and Wilber Wright:. Young Reggie Jackson:. A Picture Book of Frederick Douglas. Lincoln and Me. Adventures of Ratman. Afternoon on the Amazon. Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse. Aliens for Breakfast.

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This is not that story. In an airy cafe and bar, players are served meals and visitors can have a glass of beer or a cappuccino while looking out over the training grounds. By Elizabeth May. From Good to Great is a practical and spiritual guide to encourage all walks of life to shift from a place of complacency to operating in their greatest potential. When your friends have a problem, you let them… 1. After two very tiny, hungry kittens showed up at farmer's house on a country road, the family reluctantly fed them, knowing the kittens would then continue to stay around. At the time of Thomas-Alexandre's birth, his father was impoverished.

Amazing Birds of the Rain Forest. Angel Child, Dragon Child. Surat, Michele Maria. Baseball Heroes, The. Bears on Hemlock Mountain, The.

Beast and the Halloween Horror. Beast In Mrs. Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Coughing Catfish. Best Friends Sleep Over. Best Wishes for Eddie. Big Bunny and the Easter Eggs. Biggest Pumpkin Ever. Blueberries for Sal. Book About your Skeleton. Boston Coffee Party. Boy Who Walked on Air. Brad and Butter Play Ball! Buddie, the First Seeing Eye Dog. Buffalo Before Breakfast. Buster Baxter, Cat Saver. Buster Dino Dilemma. Buster Makes the Grade.

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Buttons for George Washington. Can Do, Jenny Archer. Case for Jenny Archer. Case of the Elevator Duck. Case of the Hungry Stranger. Catcher with a Glass Arm. Centerfield Ballhawk. Chair for My Mother,A. Challenge at Second Base. Cherries and Cherry Pits. Chicken Soup with Rice. Chicken Sunday.

Christopher Columbus. Circus Mystery, the. DiSalvo-Ryan, Dyanne. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Clue in the Castle, The. Count your Money with the Polk Street School. Counterfeit Tackle, The. Crackerjack Halfback. The Curse of the Squirrel. Dancing with the Indians. Day of the Dragon King. Day the Sky Turned Green, the. Deer: Graceful Grazers. Dingoes at Dinnertime. Dinosaurs Before Dark. Dog that Stole Football Plays, the. Dolphins at Daybreak.

Double Play at Short. De Soto Goes to Africa. Jekyll, Orthodontist. Drinking Gourd, The. Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mole. Elephants: Trunks and Tusks. Eliza the Hypnotizer. Elmer and the Dragon. Elves and the Shoemaker. Elvis the Turnip and me. Everybody Cooks Rice. Extraordinary Egg, the.

Fireflies in the Night. Five True Dog Stories. Five True Horse Stories. Follow the Drinking Gourd. Fossils Tell of Long Ago. Fox Steals Home, the. Frog Who Would Be King. Frogs: Leaping Amphibians. From Peanuts to Peanut Butter. Ghost in Tent 19, the. Ghost of the Auto Graveyard. Ghost Town at Sundown. Ghost Town Treasure. Bulla, Clyse Robert. Gingerbread Man, The. Good for Nothing Dog. Great Dinosaur Hunt.

Great Houdini, The :world…. Great Ice Battle, the. Great Quarterback Switch, the. Great Riddle Mystery. Great-grandpa in the Litter Box. Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon. Happy Birthday, Moon. Hard Drive to Short. Haunted Halloween, the. Hilary and the Lions. Hoopstars Go to the Hoop. Hours of the Olympics. House of the Horrible Ghosts. Howie Merton and the Magic Dust.

Mitchell, Rita Phillips. If the Dinosaurs Came Back. The Invisible Dog. Invisible in the Third Grade. The Island of the Skog. Jenny Archer to the Rescue. Jenny Archer, Author. Jigsaw Jones Mystery, the Case of…Snowman. Job for Jenny Archer, A. Junie B. Jones… Series. Kate Shelly and the Midnight Express. Keep Ms. Sugarman in the Fourth Grade. Kid who onlyHit Homers. Kids in Ms. Knight at Dawn, the. Laura and Mr. Lazy Lions, Lucky Lambs.

Letting Swift River Go. Lily and Miss Liberty. Little House Birthday, A. Little House Farm Daya. Little House Friends. Little Red hen makes a Pizza. Alcott, Louisa May: Bullseye. Littles and the… The series. Littles Take a Trip. Locked in the Library. Lucky Baseball Bat, the. Manners on the Telephone. Marvin and the Mean Words. Marvin Redpost…. Mary Marony , Mummy Girl. Mary Marony and and the Chocolate Surprise. Mary Marony and the Snake.

Mary Marony Hides Out. Maybe Yes, Maybe No. Maybe Maybe. Midnight on the Moon. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. Miracle on the Plate. Monster Rabbit Runs Amuck. Mummies in the Morning.

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My Son the Time Traveler. Mystery in the Night Woods. Mystery of the Dark Old House. Mystery of the Missing Dog. Mystery of the Stolen Bike. Mystery of the Talking Tail, The. Neil Armstrong. Streissguth, Thomas. Never Trust a Cat who Wears Earrings. Nibble, Nibble, Jenny Archer. Night of the Ninjas. Nine True Dolphin Stories. No Arm in Left Field.

Old Man and the Bear, the. Old Rocking Chair, the. Old Tom and the Rogue. One Bad Thing about Father. One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo, the. Over the Green Hills. Paint Brush Kid, the. Patchwork Quilt, The. Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln, the. Picture Book of Amelia Earhart, the. Picture Book of Anne Frank, the. Picture Book of Benjamin Franklin, the. Picture Book of Christopher Columbus, the. Picture Book of Davy Crockett, the. Picture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt, the.

Picture Book of Florence Nightingale, the. Picture Book of Frederick Douglas, the. Picture Book of George W. Carver, the. Picture Book of George Washington, the. Picture Book of Harriet Tubman, the. Picture Book of Helen Keller, the. Picture Book of Jackie Robinson, the. Picture Book of Louis Braille, the.

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Picture Book of Patrick Henry, the. Picture Book of Paul Revere, the. Picture Book of Rosa Parks, the. Picture Book of Sacagaweca, the. Picture Book of Sitting Bull, the. Picture Book of Sojourner, the. Picture Book of Thomas Edison the. Picture Book of Thurgood Marshall, the. Johnson, Paul Brett. Planteaters and Meateaters. A Pocketful of Goobers. Mitchell, Barbara. Poky Little Puppy, The. Polar Bears Past Bedtime. Principal from the Black Lagoon. Promise is a Promise, A. Purple Climbing Days. Putting a Dinosaur Together.

Rats on the Roof and Rats on the Range. Return of Rinaldo,the Sly Fox. Return of the Indian, The. Return of the Third Grade Ghosthunters. Rinaldo, the Sly fox. Rip Roaring Russell. Rose in My Garden, The. Brown, Margaret Wise. Russell Rides Again. School Bus Driver from the Black Lagoon. School Nurse from the Black Lagoon. Second Grade Friends.

Second Grade Friends Again. Secret at the Polk Street School. Seven Treasure Hunts, the. Shortstop From Tokyo. Showtime at the Polk Street School. Sophie in the Saddle. Space Stations. Spectaular Stone Soup. Speed Skating. Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock, the. Spy in the Attic, The. Spy on third Base, The. The Statue of Liberty. Hurd, Edith Thacher. Visitors both near and far and residents alike find themselves throwing on light jackets and soaking in the brilliant colored leaves on hikes, car rides to harvest fairs, and while meandering through apple orchards.

This is also a great time to explore some of our world class museums or take in a show at one of our theaters. Fall in the Berkshires is not to be missed. Then step into the 18th century and watch and participate in what people did then. The 19th century is here, too, in 40 antique homes, buildings and water-powered mills in this most scenic town.

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Open year-round. Seasonal hours may vary. Make your way across this one-of-a-kind sky ropes course and head up 12 or 24 feet onto zig zag beams, crisscross angled rope ladders, and spaghetti hand lines. Walk the plank at 24 feet then travel out on a 6 inch standalone beam, pivot and return. Adventurers must be at least 48" tall or 42" if accompanied by a chaperone. Visit the birthplaces of two presidents at Adams National Historical Park, take in a symphony performance, learn about granite quarries or shipbuilding at user-friendly museums, dine at a clam shack or an upscale waterfront restaurant.

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors, the Blue Hills Reservations boasts 7, acres featuring paved and unpaved hiking and biking trails as well as spectacular panoramic views. Throughout the city there are places where you can go golfing, play tennis, charter a fishing boat or just cast your line off a pier.

Fancy a beach? There are several to choose from, on the ocean, ponds and river, many with playgrounds. Ask for rooms with a kitchen, or one opening onto an outside patio or balcony or, for more room, a studio or cottage-style accommodation. How hard would it be to get kids involved in games and explorations of this piece of artwork, speaking to them across 26 centuries? This glorious mosaic floor, excavated from a home in Antioch that was destroyed by an earthquake in AD, is a centerpiece exhibit at Worcester Art Museum in Worcester and also the topic of a Family Guide exploration.

A brochure invites kids to count animals and sketch the mosaic. Can you think of a better way to get your kids loving art and history? Guests can enjoy inventive drinks and fresh fare throughout the year in the Cloister, a secluded garden patio that features a clever tin-to-table menu with an upscale twist on caviar. The new Champagne Salon is open Fridays to Sundays, 3 to 11 p. The guides are out every day leading fun and educational tours. For example, Massachusetts State House Tours teach about the history and architecture of the building. The USS Constitution crew members offer presentations about the ship's storied past.

The pleasure of a visit is amplified when you know more about the history around you. Visitors are welcome daily, except Mondays, from April 15 to October 31 to browse the gardens and trails, eat a picnic lunch, or just muse under the splendid beech trees. June brings the monumental sculpture exhibit Stickwork by artist Patrick Dougherty.

Tasting of Notch Beer included. The Misery Island Castaway Tour to Misery Island is packed with blood-curdling sort of stories of the pirates who infested sailed these waters. On the island, follow clues to pirate treasure.

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This tour is for all ages, departing at 2 p. Tours leave from the dock at 10 Blaney Street. Free parking is available. Hosted by Brian Higginbottom. Doors open p. An Evening at the Drive-In Remember when times were good, gas was cheap, and summertime meant hanging out with your friends at the drive-in? From the film projectors to the snack bar and even the sign on Route 6, not much has changed here since Open from May through early October. Visit the Sea Creatures on Your Cape Cod Getaway A boat trip or tour to see whales, seals, seabirds and sea life is a perfect complement to your land-based vacation to beautiful Cape Cod.

Many Cape-Cod-based boating tours are offered, including trips from Provincetown, Hyannis and Plymouth out to Stellwagon Bank to see feeding whales, trips from Orleans and Chatham to look at seals and shoreline and harbor life. Brace yourself: boat captains and narrators know a lot about Pilgrims, pirates, seals, sharks, shipwrecks and buried treasure. Meet Villagers of 19th-Century New England Storrowtown , at Memorial Avenue in West Springfield is a re-crated 19th-century New England village that hosts tours and events and history programs to show audiences how New Englanders lived centuries ago.

Drop-in tours are offered June to August, Tuesdays through Saturdays. Activities like candle dipping, quill pen calligraphy and old-fashioned games add extra fun for families and kids. Histrionic Academy is a group of actors who bring history to life through theater. It offers a number of different historical walking tours led by costumed interpreters, including a Tour of the Freedom Trail. The day includes lively stories of the fire-breathing days of the American Revolution.

Offered daily. Fun Fountains of Boston The glorious Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston has seven water features and fountains to refresh your eyes and ears and mind — and in some cases, your skin — during the toasty summer months. The fountains run all day and up to 11 p. It is a flat surface with rising jets of water, and people can jump in splash all they wish. Great for cooling off and wearing down the kids.

Other water features include the canal fountains that run along the North and South lawns of the North End Parks ; the Labyrinth Fountain at the Armenian Heritage Park ; and a banboo-lined rocky stream at Chinatown Park. Every Sunday, over makers of foods and goods converge in SoWa, surrounded by artist studios, galleries, boutiques and vintage shops. You are invited to shop, browse, relax at the outdoor Beer Garden, enjoy live music, favorite food trucks, and lawn games. Think about taking a tour in this historic, seaside New England region. Moving on … to ghosts!

Dead of Night Ghost Tours , departing from Plymouth Rock in Plymouth , offers a truly interesting tour of the spookier side of Pilgrim life. Jenney Museum in Plymouth offers a walking tour of the town with intimate descriptions of the ways and lives of early Pilgrims. Many exhibits explain the fascinating geology, flora, and animal life of the Cape, and the Salt Marsh Room offers a wonderful vista of the adjoining salt marsh. Downstairs is a small but satisfying aquarium. Just outside the back door is a self-guided walking trail of the marsh.

Also, in the summer, naturalists offer guided treks of the marsh known a Mudflat Mania. A great way to see the fecund life of the salt marsh up close. Open year-round; seasonal hours. The main house is located behind a wide expanse of law dotted with shade trees and picnic tables. Behind the house, tastings are conducted on a flower-decked patio. Inside, a gift shop offers all manner of fun gifts and books related to Cape Cod wines and the drinking and collecting of wine. Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11 a. Tastings are offeredon the hour and half-hour, and free tours are conducted of the wintery and distillery.

Old Ben clearly meant that drinking hard cider a daily practice in his time is a social event.

Can You Smash like Fatma Al Nabhani, Middle East’s 1st Female Tennis Player?

Bear Swamp, founded in , is using growing methods that incorporate and protect the whole environment to produce apples and cider. Visit in the fall to pick apples and shop at the farm stand. On Saturdays, p. Call ahead to check on availability. Classes and lectures and videos for kids and adults on many fascinating subjects — from the source for our food to nature drawing -- are ongoing.

Broadside Bookshop: Best in the Valley Broadside Bookshop on Main Street in Northampton was voted Best Independent Bookstore in the Valley by a poll of local readers, so you know from ythe get-go that your love of books will be satisfied here. Located in a college town, the Bookshop says customers shall received personal service by a book-knowledgeable staff.

You will find lots of fiction and literary non-fiction, and even hard-to-find journals. Come dive into a place cherished by savvy bookworms. A Little Walk; a Little Chocolate; and Repeat Off The Beaten Path Food Tours are a fun outing where you and friends can poke along at a walking pace through a historical neighborhood and taste local culinary treats, all under the care of a knowledgeable guides.

One favorite, the Harvard Square Chocolate Tour, with stops at a variety of local eateries for chocolate tastings along the way. Fine of all ages. Meet at Harvard Square. Raise a glass to J. A perfect time to enjoy this most perfect of all fruits is is at Franklin County Cider Days. Not Your Average Community Center Wellfleet Preservation Hall at Main Street in Wellfleet is a wonderful resource driven by heartfelt people promoting arts, entertainment, and classes for the body and mind.

It is very much a locally run operation, and equally welcoming to seasonal visitors. The Hall is a creative re-use of a former church. Throughout the year, live music and dance parties bring every style of music. Paddling the Charles The Charles River west of Boston is a welcoming place for kayakers and canoeists. Several nature preserves are run by the Trustees of Reservations along this mile paddling route. Put in at Cedariver, a former farm, in Millis , which has a state-run boat launch. Downstream is Shattuck Reservation , which is old pasture land, with nice views and trails.

Take out can be at Charles River Peninsula in Needham , with access to a state-run boat launch. Phone: The vast grounds, covered with lawns and copses of woodlands, are the backdrop to a constantly changing landscape of large-scale, outdoor, modern and contemporary sculpture. Indoor space in the museum building also has exhibit space. The park and museum offer year-round activities, like snowshoe tours, yoga outdoors, nature tours, artist conversations, and screenings.

Enjoy revolutionary artistic visions and stretch your muscles outdoors. Book Lovers, Dig In on Nantucket For some of us, vacation and the beach are the time and place to dig into a great or silly, or sentimental book. The little island of Nantucket can solve your book-buying needs year-round at at least two well-used bookstore. Nantucket Bookworks at 25 Broad Street gets big huzzahs from visitors who love books. It is near the ferry terminal and visitors say you will find a big selection of new books.

It is welcoming to kids, and you can also shop here for board games, cards, calendars and silly gifts The museum tells the story of a New England village that built more two-masted wooden fishing schooners than any other place in the world. Exhibits are housed in the old Essex Central School House, built in Features include antique tools, photographs, documents, and exhibits.

Tours include video presentations and hands-on activities. A gift shop offers ship plans, maritime gifts. Hours: June-October, Wednesdays-Sundays, 10 a. Broad Meadow Offers Woods, Streams, and Marshes Within the acres of woods, fields, streams, and marsh at Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and Wildlife Sanctuary at Massasoit Road in Worcester , visitors can hike, cross-country ski, watch birds, look for butterflies, prowl for owls, or learn to snowshoe.

The center has a large 3-D model of the sanctuary and a huge map of the Blackstone River watershed. Trails are open daily, dawn to dusk. Provincetown, Truro, and Wellfleet all have a core group of restaurants and bars dishing up warmth and sustenance and intimacy. You will be looking for both after a vigorous walk onto the Province Lands , north of Provincetown.

On a bright day, the views are glorious. Walking routes can be adjusted for shorter and longer distances, with wonderful views of the Province Lands, Race Point Lighthouse, the Coast Guard Station, and more. Come meet its great-granddad. Hours vary by season. A day or more of exploration awaits dino fans of all persuasions.

Nearby, the Beneski Museum of Natural History at Amherst College in Amherst has impressive exhibits that include vertebrate and invertebrate paleontology, minerals, and other geologic specimens. Interactive exhibits at Dinosaur Hall include actual fossils of dinosaur tracks which can be touched and a cast of a huge sauropod footprint for children to climb into. Information: Whaling by Sail in the Tough Old Days Commercial whaling conveys a very different scent in the 21st century than it did in the s and s when ships went to sea to capture animals that helped producd the cleanest light ever known.

Park Service, tells the dramatic story of the old whaling industry in the very streets and buildings where ships departed and sometimes returned after years of chasing the wind around the globe. The refuge offers 14 miles of beachfront and oversand vehicle and walking trails. Facilities include picnic tables, bike rack, restrooms, which are open May 30 to October Tours include a natural history tour, a wildlife kayak or canoe tour, a fishing discovery tour, and Cape Poge Lighthouse tour.

Open year-round, daily, with an entrance fee May 30 to October Visit a Working Grist Mill: Pilgrims! So many stories are packed into the reproduction on Town Brook in Plymouth of the Plimoth Grist Mill , built by the Mayflower travelers. People gather at noon on Fridays to see the 2,pound stones moved, positioned, and used to grind corn, a huge improvement in the lives of the English newcomers.

Kids and adults love to watch the mechanics of the water wheel, gears, stones, and grain hopper. In spring, herring alewives fight the current up the adjacent fish ladder to go upstream. Buy cornmeal and learn about Pilgrim cooking and dining. Gift shop, too! You will remember this visit long after you return to the 21st century. Artist Colony Is Vibrant in Gloucester Rocky Neck Art Colony in Gloucester is the oldest working art colony in the country, and has been luring artists to its picturesque shores for more than years.

Today the area is still home to many working artists and to galleries showing paintings in all media, as well as batik, photography, jewelry, prints, sculpture, ceramics, and fine gifts. A convenient walking tour of Rocky Neck, along East Main Street, includes information about three dozen galleries and studios on the Neck.

A new book about the artists and history of the region, titled Rocky Neck Art Colony , by Judith Curtis, is available. Walking Tours at Tower Hill Botanic Garden Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston hosts great special events and exhibits at all time of the year, but you can come for walks and tours held every weekend.

A walking garden tour , included in the cost of admission, happens every Sunday at 2 p. See highlights like camellias in the Limonaia and subtropical plants in the Orangerie, and the beauty of bark and berries in the Winter Garden. Learn about the history of the Worcester County Horticultural Society and learn about the future plans for the garden. Also, the garden welcomes people to bring their dogs to wander the dog walking trail on weekends from 10 a.